Peanut Butter Chocolate Oat Bars

oat crust:

1 cup oat flour (1 cup oats, blended) (90g)

⅓ cup small cut oats (30g)

¼ tsp salt

½ tsp baking powder

1 tbsp flax seeds, semi ground

⅓ cup applesauce, unsweetened (80g)

⅓ cup raw or coconut sugar (80g)

¼ cup vegan butter or coconut oil, melted (60ml)

2-4 tbsp non dairy milk (add 2 tbsp first, then mix, then see if you need more)

peanut layer:

8-10 dates, soft (soaked in water before if needed)

3 tbsp peanut butter

¼ cup non dairy milk (60ml)


also ¼ cup dark chocolate chips or cocoa nibs (45g)

a handful of peanuts

additional crumble topping, optional:

½ cup quick oats or oat flour (45g)

a pinch of salt

1 ½ tbsp raw sugar

1 tbsp melted vegan butter

1 tbsp non dairy milk