Hi and welcome!

My name is Amina. Or Mina.

I’m a 21 years old video and recipe creator.

I have a big passion for travel, food, photography, food - photography and making YouTube videos.

A few of my favorite things include: homemade granola with cold (!) oat milk, herbal tea (I’m a grandma, I know) and Harry Potter.

I have a YouTube channel called Mina Rome - where I share tons and tons of vegan food ideas. My goal is to showcase a realistic, fun, easy and tasty approach to veganism. There’s so much more to a plant based diet than smoothie bowls and protein bars. Even though both are great. Big fan.

Thanks so much for being here!

For business inquiries, connect with me HERE: minarome.yt@gmail.com

For personal things, hit me up on instagram @mina_rome